What Does the USDA Really Stand For? UnScientific Dietary Advice

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 | Activities, Presentations

The USDA states that, “[b]ecause of their focus on health promotion and disease risk reduction, the Dietary Guidelines form the basis for nutrition policy in Federal food, education, and information programs.” Yet, since the USDA introduced the nation‟s first Dietary Guidelines, Americans have not become healthier. Since 1980, obesity in America has increased dramatically [Figure 1]; in addition, 46% of Americans have developed diabetes or prediabetes.

Agriculture and Health

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 | Activities, Audio

As we restrict carbohydrate consumption, we have to increase the intake of fat and protein, at least some of them from animal sources. With careful studies, we have found that what we feed animals is an important factor of the quality of animal-based foods in terms of protein and fat. In addition, during the last decade, more people are paying a premium for organic foods including animal-based foods. It should be an interesting question for all of us to explore if organic foods are worth the money. Dr. Ballerstedt received his doctorate degree in forage production and utilization; nutrition. He is a writer, speaker, researcher, and practitioner in his specialty. He created a website, “Grass Based Health”, in March 2010. Admittedly, as a physician, I do not have a vast knowledge of agriculture. I am very excited about having this unusual opportunity of interviewing Dr. Ballerstedt. I‘ll definitely ask him many interesting questions concerning agriculture and health. Please come and join me in listening to Dr. Ballerstedt’s discussion on this important topic.

Grass-Based Health

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 | Activities

It’s almost time for the Ancestral Health Symposium. I’m looking forward to seeing friends, meeting lots of folks, and listening to so many of the people I’ve been learning from these past few years. I’ll be presenting a poster on Saturday, August 6th. A marvelous way to celebrate my birthday!

The title of my poster is “Grass Based Health: The Big Picture.” My take-home point is that a human diet based on animal products – particularly those from ruminant animal – is far more “sustainable” than plant based diets.