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Saturday, November 15th, 2014 |

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If you are not already a fan, check out our Healthy Nation Coalition Facebook site for updates and conversation about food, nutrition, and policy. Its success is the result of the dedication and social media expertise of Dr. Adrienne Larocque.

Stay Informed

Healthy Nation Coalition is lucky to have dedicated members and supporters who will keep you updated on current issues in food, nutrition, and food policy. In addition to the HNC website,, consider bookmarking the following websites and blogs:
Kimberly Hartke at Hartke is Online
Pete Ballerstedt, PhD at Grass-Based Health
Robert Su, BPharm, MD at Carbohydrates Can Kill
Valerie Berkowitz, RD
Adam Kosloff at Why Low Carb Diets Work and Caloriegate
Adele Hite at Eathropology
Dr. James Carlson & Dana Carpender at Your Doctor’s in the Kitchen
For more, see our new Resources page.