Agriculture and Health

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 | Activities, Audio

As we restrict carbohydrate consumption, we have to increase the intake of fat and protein, at least some of them from animal sources. With careful studies, we have found that what we feed animals is an important factor of the quality of animal-based foods in terms of protein and fat. In addition, during the last decade, more people are paying a premium for organic foods including animal-based foods. It should be an interesting question for all of us to explore if organic foods are worth the money. Dr. Ballerstedt received his doctorate degree in forage production and utilization; nutrition. He is a writer, speaker, researcher, and practitioner in his specialty. He created a website, “Grass Based Health”, in March 2010. Admittedly, as a physician, I do not have a vast knowledge of agriculture. I am very excited about having this unusual opportunity of interviewing Dr. Ballerstedt. I‘ll definitely ask him many interesting questions concerning agriculture and health. Please come and join me in listening to Dr. Ballerstedt’s discussion on this important topic.

The most important nutrition document in the US

Monday, May 16th, 2011 | Activities, Audio

Learn how The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a governmental description of what constitutes a nutritious diet, has become a political tool of the US Department of Agriculture. Listen to how the USDA operates under a large conflict of interest — they must maximize the sale of American farm products, mainly wheat and corn, while providing guidelines for what Americans should eat. This typically means that their definition of “nutritious” is crafted to coincide with what the farmers grow despite the negative impact on our health.

This is the story told by someone in the trenches — an expert in nutrition who has your health as her number one concern. Listen and be amazed. You’ll be outraged at what you hear.

What to Eat When You’re Pregnant … and Why.

Sunday, May 1st, 2011 | Activities, Audio

Learn how to choose food during your pregnancy that keeps you healthy and prevents your baby from becoming overweight as a child or developing diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure as an adult! Moreover, you’ll hear from a mom and a nutritional researcher why this is so. Join us and hear how to eat a guilt-free diet that is good for you and your baby!

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