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Saturday, November 15th, 2014 |

Members and supporters of HNC come from a wide variety of food, nutrition, and health perspectives. What they share is a passion for supporting optimal health with a fully nourishing dietary pattern.

By joining together with movements already underway in reforming our food system and making government more accountable, we can create a clearinghouse of activities and strategies for moving towards our common goals. This united voice will be a powerful force for change in nutrition policy. We will emphasize the importance of evidence-based advocacy, as we work to ensure that the experiences of healthcare professionals, scientists, patients, and other stakeholders are communicated directly to policymakers. The involvement of the public will be an active part of policy change.

As we work towards this change, we recognize that food and nutrition reform begins with a respect for the place that food holds in our connection to the land, to our communities, our families, and our culture. Our vision for this project is to create a world where everyone has fair access to the food and knowledge that support health.

Though this is a work in progress, our current goals are:

  • An informed public—including consumers, the media, policymakers, public health officials, health professionals, and industry representatives.
    • For health and nutrition professionals, we are developing an adjunct to the currently available “evidence libraries” created through the USDA and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Our goal is to create a clearinghouse of all of the available evidence.
  • Open, transparent, and people-centered federal, state, and local nutrition policies, programs, and practices,
  • Communities with the information and self-efficacy to create equal access to nourishing foods and appropriate nutrition care for their members
  • A healthcare system that emphasizes the role of individualized, science based nutrition in promoting health
  • A research and scientific community that explores all aspects of food and nutrition research with integrity.

Check out the working document. Then be a part of the change you wish to see.

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