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Saturday, November 15th, 2014 |
What can you do to help?

Email us at and ask to have your name added to our list of supporters.

Send us your personal story of how you stopped following the standard nutritional recommendations—and improved your health:  We are interested in stories from many different “alternative” approaches to eating:  paleo, whole foods, low-carbohydrate, etc.

Do you know any media contacts, policy makers, organizations, and/or bloggers who need to know about our cause?  Send them our website information and let them know this issue is important to you.

Are you a researcher, scientist, medical professional, registered dietitian, or someone with expertise in the areas of nutrition, metabolism, sustainable agriculture, and food reform?  Let us know if you’d like to help us communicate with policymakers and the media:

Are you a blogger or writer interested in this topic?  Please contact us & we’ll be happy to give you lots to write about.  We can also share your site and your stories with our supporters:

Contribute regularly to online forums that discuss diet, health, food system reform, and government transparency with links, posts, and comments that support Healthy Nation Coalition goals and efforts.

  • Help Healthy Nation Coalition experts and supporters to identify speaking opportunities (meetings, conferences, podcasts, radio) to help educate people about the work we are doing.
  • Add a link with Healthy Nation Coalition domain name to the signature line in your e-mails to let people know you support us and help spread the word.
  • Recruit Healthy Nation Coalition supporters through personal and professional contacts, professional organizations, friends, neighbors, family, workplace.  Send them our link, or print a few copies of this 2-sided one-pager to distribute.
  • Use your contacts in business, publishing, retail, healthcare, and other areas creatively to connect their efforts with Healthy Nation Coalition goals.
  • Speak up and speak out:  volunteer to present information about Healthy Nation Coalition vision at local or regional opportunities.  We’ll help with presentation materials.
  • Ask local radio stations, healthcare and/or professional organizations, churches, schools, businesses, or community organizations to host a Healthy Nation speaker or event.
  • Send us your ideas!  We are a grassroots organization made up of individuals committed to educating the public and working to create a healthier nation.  Your ideas can help make that change happen.