Who We Are

Saturday, November 15th, 2014 |

Board of Directors

Executive Director
Pamela Schoenfeld, MS, RDN

Associate Director
Adrienne Larocque, PhD

Chair, Public Health Policy
Adele Hite MAT, MPH, RD

Chair, Agriculture
Pete Ballerstedt, PhD

Chair, Science
Gabriel Guzman, PhD

Chair, Strategy & Marketing
Jennifer Calihan, MBA

Chair, Media Relations  
Kimberly Hartke

Chair, Government Relations
Adam Kosloff

Chair, Nutrition Literacy
Tyler Penn

Members at Large

Michael Ostrolenk
Bobby Gill
Sarah Stevenson
Rich Wolfe

Advisory Board

Morton Satin, MSc
James Carlson,DO, MBA, JD

Media contact

Kimberly Hartke at kimberly@hartkeonline.com


Part of our mission at the Healthy Nation Coalition is to let you know that you are not alone in thinking that the USDA Dietary Guidelines are not appropriate for all people.  While our supporters may have somewhat different approaches to nutrition, they all share our vision of improving the quality of nutrition information transmitted through national nutrition policy.

We encourage anyone who agrees with our mission—nutrition experts, clinicians, scientists, health advocates, and concerned citizens—to have their name added to our list.  In this way we can send a message to policymakers, the media, and the general public that we are ready to change our nation’s approach to nutrition and create a healthier future for everyone.

HNC welcomes everyone who believes that nutrition policy in America needs to be reformed.  HNC does not assume responsibility for any content appearing in the websites and resources of our members and supporters.

Please contact us if you would like to be added to our list of supporters:  forahealthynation@gmail.com

Sam Knox, CPT
Alicia Harry
Ann Childers, MD
Barbara Berkeley, MD
Beth Richmond
Brian Stokes
Bridget Copely
Carmen Fletcher
Clark and Nina Wagaman
Connie Leas, author – Fat: It’s Not What You Think
Cordon McGee
Dan Houlihan
Donald Ewart
Edmond De Vroey, MD CN and The Longevity Institute
Enid Fox
Franziska Spritzler
Fred Hahn, fitness expert and author
Gabriel Martins
Hai Vo
Heba Saleh
James Woodward
Jeannie Weaver
Jennie Stocks
Jessica Radzio
Jody Newman
Joe Pickett
Joshua Tenner
Judy Barnes Baker, blogger and cookbook author
Karen Key
Karen Lyke, MS CCN
Kate Skinner
Katharine Morrison, MD
Kristi Kaye
Larry Ring, lawyer
Lauren Ayers
Leslie Schall
Loretta Pioch
Lou Preston, organic farmer
Luann Taylor
Marc Strumpf, CLTC
Marilee Valkass
Mark Hoelter
Michael D. Ostrolenk MA, MFT, PPS
Mira Calton, CN and Jayson Calton, PhD
Misty Humphrey, certified holistic nutrition educator

Monika Tarkowska-Carter, CPT LWMC HLC 2
Nancy Howarth
Neil Holland
Pamela Kirkland
Paula Richards
Rachel Cullar
Rebecca Zuckerman
Roxanne Sukol, MD MS
Roy Mankovitz, lawyer, researcher, and author
Sarah Everidge
Sarah Stevenson
Sharon Brownstein
Sherry Rothwell, RHN, CD
Stephen R. Brand, CPT SSF SFN
Walt Bulander