Coalition Statement

Sunday, November 16th, 2014 |

We have a foundational principle behind the Healthy Nation Coalition’s mission, spelled out below. If you agree with this statement, we welcome your support.  If you do not agree –fully or in part–we want to hear your perspective:

The most important goal of the US Dietary Guidelines is meeting the need for essential nutrients. Whenever possible, these needs should be met first through a variety of whole foods, and then if needed, from foods that have been enriched or fortified. This approach to nutrition is consistent with scientific evidence that strongly suggests:

–sectors of the population may fail to meet their need for essential nutrients in their effort to follow the restricted food choices in the Dietary Guidelines.

–the Guidelines are not appropriate for population-wide diet recommendations, especially with regard to restrictions on dietary fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and salt.

–the Guidelines may lead to increased risk of weight gain, diabetes, and chronic disease in many populations.

–adequate, high biological value protein is a critical part of the diet and that many Americans can benefit from intakes above current minimum recommendations.


The 2015 Dietary Guidelines continue a thirty-five-year history of recommendations based on science that is weak, limited, and inconsistent; science that is not appropriate as the basis for an authoritative statement regarding food and nutrition to be applied across the population of “healthy” individuals.

The conflicts of interest inherent in having Dietary Guideline-making process led by the the government agency whose primary mission is to expand and develop markets for US agricultural products must also be addressed.  As there is no process for evaluation, revision, and accountability regarding the Guideline-making process within USDA, the Healthy Nation Coalition proposes that this process be removed from the USDA and HHS and given to one or more independent agencies, offices, or entities that can create dietary guidance that is without bias and responsive to the needs of the people of America.