Vision and Goals

Sunday, November 16th, 2014 |

Shifting our dietary guidance from removing “bad foods” to including nourishing foods.

Making essential nutrition the priority in our dietary guidance, policy, and conversations about healthy eating.


We are striving to achieve our vision and mission in the following ways:

To promote nutritional literacy, including

  • raising awareness of how messages about food are constructed and how they are related to socioeconomic status, class, politics, gender, communities, and values
  • assisting individuals in developing the skills and knowledge to analyze, evaluate, and understand information on food, nutrition, and related policies and their relationship to this information

To promote individualized approaches to nutrition, including

  • creating people-centered, evidence-based approaches to health care that emphasize the role of individualized, science-based nutrition
  • encouraging open, transparent, and people- and community-centered policies, programs, and practices that recognize the need for diverse approaches to health and nutrition

To promote open and sustainable food-health systems, including

  • improving access to the full spectrum of  food and nutrition knowledge and research available
  • raising awareness of laws, regulations, and policies that impact the accessibility of nutrition information and the production of food
  • assisting individuals and communities in developing the knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy to produce nourishing foods and promote appropriate nutrition for all
  • encouraging development of sustainable systems that produce foods that support health

Knowledge:  to assist individuals in becoming wise consumers of both food and information about food, and to foster an understanding of how information, attitude, and choices about diet are influenced by cultural forces.

Communication:  to engage stakeholders in facilitated summits on food and nutrition issues to identify common-ground areas for action and reform.

Facilitation:  to create, through websites, social media, and other related means, a network of partnerships and alliances structured around stakeholder-identified priorities that will foster positive changes in our food, nutrition, and health systems.